About Our Gym

What Makes CrossFit Kinesis Different?


At Kinesis, we strive to help every single person we come in contact with, no matter their skill level, exercise experience, or goal. We genuinely care and are here to help. The second that you decide to walk through our doors is the second that we have begun to fully invest our time and effort into you. Seeing you succeed while also having a great time is our number one goal. We want this to be the BEST hour of your day!


Results speak louder than words and at Kinesis, we are very proud of the consistent, sustainable success that our members have experienced and are currently experiencing. Whether you are starting your first organized workout ever today, or you are recovering from playing a professional sport due to pain, we can help you. We’ve developed a system that allows you to join our community: starting where you are, learning at your pace, but challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone.


Kinesis provides highly educated and skilled coaches that are here to serve our members every single day. It takes education, time, and experience to become a good coach, but you must have passion for the members’ success to become a great coach. Our coaching staff holds degrees in many relevant areas, including advanced degrees in exercise science, athletic training/sports medicine, chiropractic, and social work. The list of continuing education programs, certifications, and specialty courses that they’ve attended is extensive. Inside the walls of Kinesis, your safety and success are our passion and #1 focus!


At Kinesis, you get more than a gym membership and 10 coaches. At Kinesis, you get an entire community that is ready to support you and your family towards whatever goals you may have. It is amazing how powerful it is when a group of like-minded individuals with similar goals come together for the greater good of the community. The Kinesis community will be there through good times and bad, through the success of hitting goals and the temporary times of falling off the wagon. Our community is second to none and is ready to help support you.


Kyle Kasperbauer

Founder, Director of Programming, Head Coach

Nissa Cohen

Owner, General Manager, Director of Education

Briana Siegert

Coach, Specialties: Nutrition & Endurance Programming

Krys Ernesti

Coach, Specialty: Olympic Weightlifting

Ben Simons

Coach, Specialties: Nutrition & Physique Programming

Kylie Grause

Coach, Specialty: Gymnastics

Liz Malmberg

Coach, Specialty: Nutrition

Kim Mead

Youth Programs Coordinator

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